General Details

The FORx4 Roadmap was originally developed as a common deliverable of the USE-iT (Users, Safety and security and Energy in Transport infrastructure) and FOX (Forever Open Infrastructure across (X) transport modes) projects, which were inspired by FORx4 and designed to develop its objectives.


Whilst FOX identified common research needs and innovative techniques in the physical areas of infrastructure, USE-iT focussed on operational aspects in the transport domains. Both projects aimed to develop a network of experts who would be engaged both during and beyond the project. This was supported by the REFINET (REthinking Future Infrastructure NETworks) project, which had highly complementary objectives.  

Following the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between FEHRL and the European Construction and Technology Platform who led REFINET, it was agreed that FEHRL’s FORx4 vision will be used to take forward the projects and keep the networks active.


The roadmap has now been updated as a standalone document to reflect this, with the research challenges identified to be used as an investment plan and strategy document for research funders, public and private infrastructure owners and operators and contractors.