The team

The team

Programme Manager

Martin Lamb is the Programme Manager for the Forever Open Road and FORx4 initiatives. Martin has been involved in the Forever Open Road from the outset. He led the group tasked with preparing the concept and R&D plan, was secretary of the FOR Experts Group (FOREX), co-leader of the Resilient Element and co-author of the Resilient Element Roadmap. In 2016, following the formation of his own company, he was appointed as Programme Manager as a contractor to FEHRL. He is now Acting Chairman of the FOREX Group

His role as Programme Manager has seen him author FEHRL’s Strategic European Road and cross-modal Research and implementation Plan (SERRP) for 2017 to 2020, which sets the direction for European research for FEHRL Member Institutes and which includes numerous aspects of the Forever Open Road.

He has led the update of the Resilient Road Roadmap, published in April 2017 and is leading the update of the Adaptable Road and Automated Road Roadmaps.

He is also starting to develop a strategy for FORx4, building upon the research outputs of three Horizon 2020 Coordination and Support Action projects, USE-iT (Users, Safety, security and Energy in Transport infrastructure), FOX (Forever Open infrastructure across (X) all transport modes) and REFINET (REthinking Future Infrastructure NETworks).

FEHRL Secretary-General

Dr Thierry Goger is the Secretary General of FEHRL and has overall responsibility for the Forever Open Road and FORx4 initiatives.


The FOR EXperts (FOREX) Group lead the technical development of the initiative, preparing roadmaps and other documentation and developing the strategy. The FEHRL Research Coordinators also contribute to FOR through commenting on documents, providing information on activities in their institutes and participating in workshops delivered by FOREX.