The vision behind the Forever Open Road programme is to take the best of existing technologies and the best of those to come. Many of the required solutions exist already from previous research, but are not (yet) implemented to their full potential; some innovations will be developed in the short-term, and others at an earlier stage of development with implementation in the longer term. Investigation on the untapped potential and the eventual barriers to their implementation will undoubtedly offer quick wins to the road operators. Therefore, the Forever Open Road delivery strategy is aimed at delivering early results from bringing together existing knowledge and best practices and systematically building that up in the following years. As can be seen from the figure below, the Forever Open Road concept will be achieved through a combination of:

•         Current best practice in construction and technology,

•         Transfer of technologies and methods from other sectors,

•         Use of early stage and emerging techniques and products,

•         New (grassroots) research into technologies and products,

•         Demonstration of all the technologies and systems developed.

Strategy photo FOR 2.jpg