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At the core of FEHRL’s fifth Strategic European Road Research Programme (SERRP V), the Forever Open Road programme is a new concept for intelligent roads that are adaptable, automated and climate change resilient. Forever Open Road will cover a combination of national and multi-national activities involving a wide range of partners from the public and private sectors. The programme will be implemented as of 2011. The phasing of the programme of research will take the Forever Open Road through from concept development through to proving the viability of the innovations, and working towards full-scale trials of both the individual elements and the complete concept. The planned phasing of the programme is:

Roadmaps towards implementation
Full-scale deployment of the Forever Open Road concept is envisaged for 2025, and a roadmap has been developed that will set out the tasks to make it reality. The required technology will be developed and demonstrated in three distinctive stages. The transition between the stages is marked by concrete milestones  as shown here:


FOR follows a staged integration of viable single technologies into full-scale systems proving.

  • The first stage is concerned with proving single technologies, such as sensors or prefabricated components. In this stage, all preparations and preliminary actions will also take place that are essential for the successful field tests results in the two later stages. They are concerned with actions such as agreeing on the routes/corridors to serve as test beds on which the field tests will be focused, aligning the current and future programmes from road authorities, industry and services as well as the collation and harmonisation of data, models, methods and regulation.

  • Once a variety of single technologies is tested and all preliminary actions and preparations are done, the second stage is entered in which the successful single technologies are integrated to be proven in sub-systems (e.g. comprehensive and integrated traffic management systems and strategies to keep city rings in permanent flow). This stage is planned to commence as from 2015. As a general principle, the scale of the respective field test will also increase to correspond with the increase in complexity the sub-system will have to address.

  • Once the integrated technologies are proven to be viable on a sub-system, the third stage of field test is entered. In this stage, the technologies are integrated to the full-scale systems level. This stage is planned to commence as from 2020. Again as a general principle, the scale of the field test increases to involve the entire pilot corridors/routes.

By 2025, it is expected that the full-scale systems field tests will have yielded first conclusive results, yielding three corridors/routes that are significant to the European economy and that are effectively upgraded in line with the Forever Open Road concept. By then, a fully-developed toolbox is available to road operators which holds many proven viable solutions on all integration levels, and which are provided with corresponding common standards, guidelines and specifications.




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